Data Science. Machine Learning. Big Data. Analytics.

Join us in Atlanta for a 3 day event, November 29 - December 1, on Data Science and Machine Learning! First day is workshop day, and there will be 4 concurrent tracks. Workshops and sessions include:

Data Science, Machine Learning, Analytics, Big Data and more!

A serious conference on all things Data Science, in a relaxed, fun environment.



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  • Introduction to Machine Learning with Python and TensorFlow
  • Data Science with R
  • Data Science for Discovery, Innovation, and Value Creation (CxOs, Managers, Biz Analysts)
  • Data Analytics with Tableau


November 29 and main conference Nov 30 - Dec 1. For data scientists, data engineers/developers, and data architects.


November 29 and main conference Nov 30 - Dec 1. For data scientists, data engineers/developers, and data architects.

Sessions & Workshops

Industry experts and community members will present fundamentals and the latest in the world of Data Science.

Brought to you by the organizers of another world-class conference, Connect.Tech, DataSciCon.Tech will bring the energy and community spirit of our previous events for three days of learning and networking. We invite you to join us November 2017 for this unique experience!


Opening Keynote
Friday Keynote



Data Science for Discovery, Innovation, and Value Creation

This workshop will walk through a number of machine learning algorithms from the perspective of applications and use cases that I have encountered in my data science career as an astrophysicist, as a NASA program manager, as a university professor, and as the Principal Data Scientist at the management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. The various cases presented will demonstrate the breadth and depth of machine learning, as well as lessons learned, tips for getting started, challenges, and successes. The workshop will consist of several stand-alone vignettes, bound together through a common thread: data-to-action through machine learning, which is the set of mathematical algorithms for pattern detection (data-to-discovery), pattern recognition (data-to-decisions), pattern exploration (data-to-innovation and value), and pattern exploitation (data-to-action).

Data Science with R Workshop

Join this workshop on DataScience with R to gain the skills you need to get started with data science, including statistical and numerical methods and R. You will also learn about visualising data, big data environments and how to interact with linked data in R. Upon completion of this DataScience workshop, you will have an understanding of relevant languages and tools. As there is a rush to hire data scientists these days, there is a coincident rush to update resumes to include the term "Data Scientist". Unfortunately, like most types of science, it is less a single topic and more a multi-disciplinary way of thinking, inquiring and communicating. Individuals do not need to know everything about the field, but teams should be composed of individuals who collectively do. Attending this workshop won't make you a data scientist overnight, but you will learn to be one in time and will have a study plan for moving forward in this field.

Introduction to Machine Learning with Python and TensorFlow

In this workshop, we will take a hands-on approach to machine learning by exploring some real world datasets. First, we'll cover how to load and transform data in Python using Pandas. We'll walk through data preparation, where attendees will learn first-hand how to manipulate, clean, aggregate, and reshape raw data. We'll show several statistical learning techniques, such as linear regression, k-means, and PCA using scikit-learn. Finally we will explore how to set up and train more sophisticated neural networks for image recognition on the cloud using TensorFlow. Attendees will learn the fundamentals of data science and machine learning through short code samples and interactive learning.

Data Analytics with Tableau

In this deep dive full day hand-on workshop, we'll cover: * Theory around data analytics * Practices around data analytics * Applying the above two using a tool like Tableau * Thinking about visualizations and creating them in a tool like Tableau * “real world” use cases and hands-on exercises so attendees can get practice and solidify theory/practices


Workshop day: November 29

Main conference days: Nov 30 - Dec 22

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Thursday November 30th

Room - 236
Room - 225
Room - 222
Room - 233
Room - 235

Conf start and welcome

Pratik Patel

Friday December 1st

Room - 236
Room - 225
Room - 222
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Room - 235






DataSciCon.Tech will take place in the heart of Atlanta's Technology epicenter, at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center

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